IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma: A Beacon of Integrity and Public Service

A few people stand out in the enormous field of administrative and law enforcement work in India not only for their accomplishments but also for their steadfast dedication to maintaining honesty, justice, and public service.

One such legend is IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma, a national hero whose remarkable career has made a lasting impact on the fields of administration and policing.

This article explores the life, career, and lasting legacy of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma, highlighting the significant contribution he made to the development of India’s social structure.

IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma Early Life and Education 

On July 3, 1975, Manoj Kumar Sharma was born in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh’s Bilgaon Chaudhari hamlet in Morena. His early years were particularly difficult because of his family’s poor financial situation. His exam for class 12 went poorly. He put in a lot of effort and didn’t give up because he was motivated to study.

In order to sustain his education and provide for his family, he worked at several occupations, such as driver. Despite the fact that it was a very trying period for him and his family. However, Manoj persisted in his attempts to learn and never gave up on his goal.

After completing his education in Madhya Pradesh, he enrolled at the Maharani Laxmi Bai Government College of Excellence, Gwalior, to pursue his graduation. Subsequently, he registered for a master’s program and obtained his master of arts (M.A.) in history. In between studying for the UPSC, he finished his doctorate in journalism.

Relationships/Affairs of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

While Manoj Sharma was getting ready for the UPSC, he started seeing IRS Shraddha Joshi. He was hesitant to ask her to marry him because of his poor performance in the 12th grade.

However, in order to alter their future, he put in a lot of effort and passed the UPSC civil services exam after they broke up.

Manoj Sharma After Failing in 12th

When DSP Dushyant Singh stops lying, all students fail the tests after cheating in the 12th grade. Manoj receives advice from Dushyant to stop cheating and is assisted in saving his brother. Following a year of guidance from DSP Dushyant, Manoj achieved perfect scores on his tests and continues to work toward his DSP career.

Struggle to Become an IPS Officer 

Despite his best efforts, Manoj Kumar Sharma was unable to pass the Civil Services exam on his first, second, or third try. He falls in love with Shraddha Joshi, who is applying for the UKPSC.

After being transferred to Gauri Bhaiya’s home, Manoj is instructed to focus solely on his academic endeavors. Still, he didn’t give up and put in a lot of effort, passing the UPSC KA exam on his fourth attempt and earning the 121st All-India rank. He and Shraddha were appointed Deputy Collectors after passing the UKPSC. 

Pritam, who has failed all of his tests, tries to get his father to apply to the UPSC because he is jealous of Manoj. Manoj marries his loved ones in front of his family after achieving his aim of becoming an IPS officer. Manoj Kumar Sharma is currently employed at the Mumbai Police as an Additional Commissioner.

Manoj Kumar Sharma Performing Essential Police Tasks

Since 2005, Manoj Kumar Sharma has significantly benefited the Indian Police Service in several ways. Handling protests and fighting the Naxals won him a lot of respect.

He worked as a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) for the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and then as an Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP) for the Mumbai Police. 

A Bollywood Romance Unfolded

The romantic tale of Sharma and Joshi is akin to a Bollywood screenplay. Sharma said he thought Joshi had a special quality that he could not live without and that he could not live without love.

In recounting his courtship, Sharma joked that he had to learn how to prepare tea since Joshi, who was from the Uttarakhand hills, loved it. Joshi, on the other hand, described the sharp contrast between Sharma’s experiences and her childhood on a hillside, particularly during their wedding, when she had never seen shotguns fired.

FAQ of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

Q1. What Film Is Based on the IPS Case of Manoj Kumar Sharma?

A. The 12th Fail film by Indian filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra is based on Manoj Kumar Sharma, IPS. The story of his journey from scholastic difficulties to earning the 121st rank as an IPS officer is told in the film 12th Fail.

Q2. What is the batch of Manoj Kumar Sharma?

A. IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma is an IPS officer from the 2005 batch. After earning the 121st All India Rank in the UPSC, he enlisted in the Indian Police Services in 2005.

Q3. What is the Cadre of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma?

A. In 2005, IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma enlisted in the Maharashtra cadre of the Indian Police Services. He is currently employed in Mumbai as the West Region’s Additional Commissioner (ACP).

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