Computer Shortcut Keys A to Z: शॉर्टकट कुंजियाँ

Computer Shortcut keys a to z से हम कार्यों को अधिक तेजी से और कुशलता से पूरा कर सकते हैं। ये कुंजियाँ विभिन्न प्रकार के कार्यों को अविश्वसनीय रूप से सरल बनाकर कंप्यूटर उपयोगकर्ता का समय और श्रम बचाती हैं। हम आपको A से Z तक व्यवस्थित हिंदी शीर्षक वाली कंप्यूटर शॉर्टकट कुंजियों की एक सूची दिखाने जा रहे हैं।

Basic Computer Shortcut Keys A to Z

ShortcutsUses of Shortcut keyset
t + FFile menu selections in the running application at
t + EEdits options in the current program
F1Universal help (for any sort of program)
Ctrl + ASelects all text
Ctrl + XCuts the selected item
Ctrl + DelCut selected item
Ctrl + CCopy the selected item
Ctrl + InsCopy the selected item
Ctrl + VPaste the selected item shift
t + InsPaste the selected item
Homebrings the user to the current line’s beginning
Ctrl + HomeGo to the beginning of the documented
Ctrl + arrowGo to the end of the current line
Ctrl + EndGo to the end of a document shift
shiftEmphasize from the current position to the beginning of the line shift.
t + EndEmphasize the line starting at the current position and ending at the end.
Ctrl + (Left arrow)Proceed leftward by one term at a time.
Ctrl + (Right arrow)Proceed to the right by one term at a time

Computer Shortcut Keys-Microsoft Windows

ShortcutsWork of shortcuts
Alt + TabSwitch between open applications
Alt + Shift + TabSwitch backward between open applications
Alt + Print ScreenCreate a screenshot for the current program
Ctrl + Alt + DelReboot/Windows task manager
Ctrl + EscBring up the start menu
Alt + EscSwitch between applications on the taskbar
F2Rename selected icon
F3Start to find from the desktop
F4Open the drive selection when browsing
F5Refresh contents
Alt + F4Close the current open program
Ctrl + F4Close the window in the program
Ctrl + Plus KeyAutomatically set widths of all columns in Windows Explorer
Alt + EnterOpen the properties window of the selected icon or program
Shift + F10Simulate right-click on the selected item
Shift + DelDelete programs/files permanently

Computer Shortcut Keys-MS Word

ShortcutsWork of shortcuts
Ctrl + BBold highlighted selection
Ctrl + CCopy selected text
Ctrl + XCut selected text
Ctrl + NOpen a new/blank document
Ctrl + OOpen options
Ctrl + POpen the print window
Ctrl + FOpen find box
Ctrl + IItalicize highlighted selection
Ctrl + KInsert link
Ctrl + UUnderline highlighted selection
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + GFind and replace options
Ctrl + HFind and replace options
Ctrl + JJustify paragraph alignment
Ctrl + LSelect a line or text and align it to the left.
Ctrl + QAlign the selected paragraph to the left
Ctrl + EAlign selected text or line to the center
Ctrl + RAlign the line or text selection to the right
Ctrl + MIndent the paragraph
Ctrl + THanging indent
Ctrl + DFont options
Ctrl + Shift + FChange the font
Ctrl + Shift + >Increase selected font +1
Ctrl + ]Increase selected font +1
Ctrl + [Decrease selected font -1
Ctrl + Shift + *View or hide nonprinting characters
Ctrl + (Left arrow)Move one word to the left
Ctrl + (Right arrow)Move one word to the right
Ctrl + (Up arrow)Proceed to the line or paragraph’s beginning
Ctrl + (Down arrow)Move to the end of the paragraph
Ctrl + DelTo the right of the cursor, remove the word
Ctrl + BackspaceDelete the word to the left of the cursor
Ctrl + EndPoint the cursor to the document’s finish
Ctrl + HomePoint the cursor to the document’s start
Ctrl + SpaceReset highlighted text to the default font
Ctrl + 1Single-space lines
Ctrl + 2Double-space lines
Ctrl + 51.5-line spacing
Ctrl + Alt + 1Change text to heading 1
Ctrl + Alt + 2Change text to heading 2
Ctrl + Alt + 3Change text to heading 3
Shift + F3Change the case of the selected text
Shift + InsertPaste
F4Repeat the last action performed (Word 2000+)
F7Spell-check selected text and/or document
Shift + F7Activate the thesaurus
F12Save as
Ctrl + SSave
Shift + F12Save
Alt + Shift + DInsert the current date
Alt + Shift + TInsert the current time
Ctrl + WClose document
Ctrl+=Set the chosen text as a subscript.
Ctrl+Shift+=Set chosen text as superscript.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Excel

Shortcut keys Uses of shortcut keys
Alt + Shift + F1When you wanna insert a new worksheet use these keys together
Shift + F3These keys enable you to access the MS Excel formula window.
Shift + F5Combining these keys will bring up the search box
F11In Microsoft Excel, the F11 key is used to create a chart
Ctrl + Shift +;These keys enable you to input the current time
Ctrl +;Enter the current date by using these keys together
Ctrl + KYou can combine these keys to Insert a link when needed
Ctrl + FThese keys allow you to access Microsoft Excel’s find-and-replace features
Ctrl + GCombine these keys to reveal the go-to options.
Ctrl + BThese keys together will highlight the selection in bold.
F2When you use this key to edit the selected cell
F5This key allows you to navigate to a particular cell
F7This key allows you to verify the spelling of a selected text.
Ctrl + IThese commands are used to Italicize highlighted selections.
Ctrl + SpaceTogether, these keys can be used to select the full-column
Shift + SpaceTo select the entire row, use these keys collectively
Ctrl + WUse these keys together to close the document
Ctrl + HTo access the find and replace options, use these keys.
Ctrl + UWith the help of these keys, you can underline highlighted text.
Ctrl + YWith the help of these keys, you can underline highlighted text.
Ctrl + ZThese keys allow you to reverse the most recent action that was erased
Ctrl + F9To minimize the active window in Microsoft Excel, use these keys
Ctrl + F10Utilize these keys to expand the MS Excel window that is currently selected
Ctrl + TabThese keys allow you to switch between two or more open Microsoft Excel files
Alt + =You can start the formula to add each of the aforementioned cells with the aid of these keys
Ctrl +You can insert the value from the above cell into the current cell by using these keys together
Ctrl + (Right arrow)These keys allow you to navigate to the following textual section
Ctrl + OUse these keys to open options in MS Excel
Ctrl + NUse these keys together to open the document in MS Excel
Ctrl + PUse these keys together to open the print dialogue box in MS Excel


मुझे आशा है कि Computer Shortcut keys a to z पोस्ट आपके लिए कंप्यूटर शॉर्टकट कुंजियों के कुछ प्रमुख तत्वों को स्पष्ट करेगी। इन शॉर्टकट्स का उपयोग करके आप अपने कंप्यूटर का उपयोग और भी आसानी से कर सकते हैं। इन शॉर्टकट्स की मदद से अब आप कंप्यूटर का उपयोग करते समय अपने कार्यों को आसानी से पूरा कर सकते हैं।

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